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Cotton Calendar is provided by Cotton Market and Risk Management Consulting, Inc., Dallas, Texas USA, which offers very intensive seminars tailored to individual interests and requirements of textile mill executives and cotton growers.  To learn more about the management of all risks involved in cotton purchases, sales and inventories through risk management strategies and the use of cotton options, visit our website at

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June 2019

  • June 5-7           World Trade Organization (WTO) Cotton Days, Geneva, Switzerland

  • June 6              Cotton Product Import Statistics

  • June 10-Jly 18  ACSA International Cotton Institute, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN

  • June 11-13       BCIís 2019 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference, Shanghai, China

  • June 11            USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

  • June 14            Jly19 Options Expiry

  • June 24            Jly19 First Notice Day (FND)

  • June 20-21       China International Cotton Summit, Qingdao City, Shandong

  • June 20-26       ITMA 2019, including BCI Seminar on June 25, Barcelona, Spain

  • June 27-30       Brazilian Cotton Exporters Assoc. Annual Dinner/Golf, Lake Paradise, S.P., Brazil

  • June 28             USDA U.S. Planted Acreage Report

July 2019

  • July 1               Jly19 First Delivery Day (FDD)

  • July 3               Cotton Product Import Statistics

  • July 4               ICE Closed for Fourth of July holiday

  • July 9               Jly19 Last Trading Day (LTD)

  • July 11             USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

  • July 16             Jly19 Last Notice Day (LND)

  • July 22-24        Texworld USA, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY,

  • July 23             Jly19 Last Delivery Day (LDD)

August 2019

  • Aug. 2              Cotton Product Import Statistics

  • Aug. 12            USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, incl. first State-by-State details
    USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Aug. 16            Sep19 Option Expiry

  • Aug. 21-23       NCC Mid-Year Board Meeting, Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN

September 2019

  • Sept. 2             ICE Closed for Labor Day holiday

  • Sept. 4             Cotton Product Import Statistics

  • Sept. 12           USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
                            USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Sept. 16-19      Texworld / Premiere Vision, Paris, France

  • Sept. 24           USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Sept. 30-Oct. 1 AFCOT Annual Dinner/Joint Annual Conference with ACA, Deauville, France

October 2019

  • Oct. 9-10          International Cotton Association Trade Event, Liverpool

  • Oct. 10             USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
                            USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Oct. 18             Nov19 Option Expiry

  • Oct. 20-22        ITMF Annual Conference, Porto, Portugal

  • Oct. 23             USDA Cotton Ginnings report

November 2019

  • Nov. 8              USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
     USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Nov. 8              Dec19 Option Expiry

  • Nov. 22            Dec19 First Notice Day (FND)

  • Nov. 25            USDA Cotton Ginnings report  

  • Nov. 28            ICE Closed for Thanksgiving Day holiday

December 2019

  • Dec. 1-5           ICAC 78th Plenary Meeting, Brisbane, Australia

  • Dec. 2              Dec19 First Delivery Day (FDD)

  • Dec. 6              Dec19 Last Trading Day (LTD)

  • Dec. 10            USDA Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
     USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Dec. 13            Dec19 Last Notice Day (LND)

  • Dec. 20            Dec19 Last Delivery Day (LDD)
                            Jan20 Option Expiry

  • Dec. 23            USDA Cotton Ginnings report

  • Dec. 25            ICE Closed for Christmas Day




January 2020

  • Jan. 1               ICE Closed for New Yearís Day

  • Jan. 8-10          NCC Beltwide Cotton Conferences, JW Marriott, Austin, TX

  • Jan. 7-10          Heimtextil International Trade Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Jan. 20             ICE Closed for Martin Luther King Day (MLK) holiday

  • *Jan. 21-23      Texworld USA, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY

February 2020

  • Feb. TBA           Premiere Vision, Paris, France

  • Feb. 14-16       NCC Annual Meeting, Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, LA

  • Feb. 7              Mch20 Options Expiry

  • Feb. 17            ICE Closed for Presidentís Day

  • Feb. 20-24       USDA 2020 Agricultural Outlook Forum, Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Arlington, VA

  • Feb. 24            Mch20 First Notice Day (FND)

  • Feb. 28-29       68th Memphis Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, Memphis Cook Conv. Center, Memphis, TN

April 2020

  • April 2-3           TCGA Annual Meeting and Trade Show, Lubbock Memorial Civic Ctr., Lubbock, TX

  • April 9              May20 Options Expiry

  • April 10            ICE Closed for Good Friday holiday

  • April 24            May20 First Notice Day (FND)

May 2020

  • May TBA           ACSA 2020 Convention

  • May 25             ICE Closed for Memorial Day holiday

  • May 31-June 5  ICAC World Cotton Research Conference, Izmir, Turkey

August 2020

  • Aug. 26-28       NCC Mid-Year Board Meeting, Omni Louisville Hotel, Louisville, KY

September 2020

  • Sept. 7             ICE Closed for Labor Day Holiday

November 2020

  • Nov. 26             ICE Closed for Thanksgiving Day holiday

December 2020

  • Dec. 25             ICE Closed for Christmas Day

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All attempts are made to provide accurate information from the various cotton and cotton-related organizations for the Cotton Calendar.  Cotton Market and Risk Management Consulting, Inc. is not responsible for changes, errors or omissions as a basis for any claim, demand or cause of action.



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